Thursday, 28 February 2013


Dr.Mary George
We all live in a materialistic world, leading a crazy, unpredictable
lives that push us over and kick us while we’re down.  Our youngsters,
in addition, are at a crossroads between eastern and western culture.
They are in a real dilemma when it comes to deciding which of each to
choose.  As parents and adults we have the responsibility to help them
to take the right path so that they will develop into responsible
adults who are beneficial to themselves and society.  It is also our
duty to inform our children of our rich heritage and tradition so that
they will not feel that they don't belong anywhere.

With this in mind the, organisers of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox
Student’s Movement camp have organised the first of its kind in the UK
in New Town in scenic mid-Wales.  It is a three day camp between the
2nd and 4th of April 2013 and with places for approximately 100
students from all over UK aged between 12 and 23.

This three day camp will help the participants to develop, to gain
confidence in themselves, to learn time management, leadership skills,
team working, identify their own strengths and weaknesses and above
all to develop networks.  In addition, they will be able to explore
the British countryside as well as practice some culinary skills and
arts and craft.  It is also a unique opportunity to experience
gurukulam” type of education and developmen; teachers with a wealth
of experience in youth development will be on site throughout.

Students who attend the camp will leave with positive ideas about how
to succeed in life and be able to work towards their goals with
confidence.  I hope that they make use of what they learn through
their lives and in turn impart the knowledge to the next generation.