Sunday, 21 April 2013

Treasurer Merin Raju says

Merin raju
The first JSOSM ever camp that was organised by the MSOC and directed by the respected Fr. Eldhose Vattaparambil on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April was something I will not forget easily. Especially since this camp was set in Wales, with its beautiful scenery, its tranquillity and the lack of communication from the outside world meant that all of us were able to make the most of the camp and what it has to offer. It allowed us all to take a step back and sit down quietly away from the entire world as well as, it allowed us to relax and appreciate everything that we have and to learn more about ourselves and about what is missing in our lives.
Many of the people who came to the camp found it very difficult to socialise, this was overcome as all the students were put into teams. This specific part of the camp was something me and most people were dreading when we heard about it. The camp made me split up from my familiar friends and I was put with many people I did not know, this was tough for me at first, but being chosen for team captain and by spending time with these people for the next few days made me make many friends that I know I will be close to in my life. To top it all off, I was taught the lesson of leadership and team work as all of our teams were asked to complete many challenges, all of which helped me personally and I know it helped others to develop skills that will be helpful in our future lives.
The games and challenges also allowed us to become more creative and find new things about ourselves. I found out that being creative was not my strongest point, and I also learned that even though you may have weak points there will be other things you will be good at, in my case it was socializing with other people. This camp and its experiences have lead me to take up more responsibility in life and I put this into action by standing to become Treasurer of the JSOSM and winning it.
I can strongly state that none of this would not have happened without the help and support of many other Achans, Deacons and volunteers who worked hard for this camp to run smoothly throughout the whole time. I also know that most of these people have had sleepless nights over it and I would like to thank them here for making this camp a special thing for many of us to hold dear in our hearts. Including them His Grace Mor Apherm Mathews Thirumeni who was with us the whole time, taking classes that taught many of us new things about the Church, its history and many other things and bringing with him the spiritual atmosphere that we would not always get in our daily lives.
I know that these three days of fun and spiritual activates will be the first of many, and I know this experience is something I personally will not forget and I know many others who attended the camp with me will agree to that completely. It has brought many of us closer and also gave us an idea on our Church and its works, through new creative ways. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to make this Camp possible and hope that you will carry on supporting us during the future. I hope next year many more people will join us for this unique experience.